Top 10 Powerful Kings in the World – A Regal Legacy

Top 10 Powerful Kings in the World – History is written by the winners, the men of power and prowess. But does power always have to be aggressive and brutal? The real power lies not in winning wars but in winning the hearts. There can be several Hitlers and Mussolinis but power in its true sense will always lie with Dalai Lamas and Mother Teresas. We have compiled here a list of such men who earned their places in History through the power of influence that they had on people and through the greatness of their work. Afterall, a king is a king not because of his throne. A king is a king because he has subjects under him upon whom he can rule.

Top 10 Powerful Kings in the World

Louis XIV of France

Louis XIV of France

Hailed as the Roi Soleil or the Sun King, King Louis XIV ruled the sovereign France for 72 years and 110 days. (Recorded as the longest ruling period by any monarch in the freaking history of Europe!)

He revolutionised the administrative and military facets of France turning it into a leading European superpower in 17th century. Taking his belief of Divinity of the kingship a tad further, he proclaimed himself as the Sun and asked his the entire France to revolve around him as planets! (A perfect example of Freudian Narcissist, we tell you).

Ramesses II of Egypt

Ramesses II of Egypt (Powerful kings in the world)

The third pharaoh of 19th century Egypt, he was one of the most powerful and celebrated kings of Egyptian Civilization.  A connoisseur of architecture, he built and reconstructed several cities, temples and monuments.

These included his mortuary temple, the Ramesseum and the humongous temples of Abu Sembei, a monument carved out of rock which he dedicated to himself and his queen, Nefertari (Yeah! She was a Beauty with Brain, a rarest of rare combo indeed!).

During his long and prosperous reign of 66 years and two months, he signed the first and oldest recorded international peace treaty in the world.

After 30 years of reigning the land, he was ritually conferred the status of an Egyptian God. Hailed as the ‘Great Ancestor’, Ramesses remains to be one of the most revered figures in the Egyptian history.

Suleiman I of Ottoman Empire

Suleiman I of Ottoman Empire

The longest reigning Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman I is considered to have ruled over 25 million people during this rule (Must have been one man army in himself!) He took Ottoman Empire to the peak of economic, political and military power (Turkey’s own indigenous Superman!), bringing about powerful judicial changes in the fields of education, taxation, society and criminal law. This earned him the title of “The Lawgiver”.

A distinguished poet and goldsmith himself, his age was considered to be the Golden Age of Ottoman Empire in the field of art and culture.

Interestingly, he considered himself to be the second caliph of the Ottoman Caliphate of Islam and gladly extended military protection to any Islamic country that was attacked by the outside forces (Such a mighty Samaritan!). The Ottoman Empire extended to most of the Southeastern Europe, Middle East and Rhodes under the leadership of this magnificent sultan (earning him another title of “The Magnificent”!).

Augustus of Roman Empire

Augustus of Roman Empire (Powerful kings in the world)

The first emperor and the founder of the Roman Principate, the name of Augustus Caesar remains engraved on the heart of human history. Under his rule, peace and diplomacy flourished for two long centuries in Rome like never before, earning it the title of Pax Romana (Peace of Rome).

His had a myriad of achievements tagged along with his name including taxation reforms, development road networks, introduction of an official courier system, establishment of a standing army, the Praetorian Guard, official police system and fire-fighting services for Rome. He is also known to have rebuilt a large chuck of the city during his reign. (And the award for multi-tasking goes to ….AC!)

The month of August has been named after this mighty-statured emperor.

Cyrus the Great of Persian Empire

Cyrus the Great of Persian Empire

Hailed as the founder of the first Persian Empire, the Achaemenid, Cyrus the Great extended his empire from the ancient Near East to the Western and Central Asia. Ruling over the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Indus River in the East, Cyrus has the largest empire in the world at that time (The Emperor who ruled the Molten Blue!)

An epitome of true power, Cyrus always respected the culture of the land he conquered. He was a pioneer of centralized administration and established a government that worked for the welfare and profit of its subjects.

A cult figure among the modern Iranians, Cyrus is highly acclaimed for his achievements political and military strategies and human right reforms.

Meiji of Japan

Meiji of Japan (Powerful kings in the world)

Ever been awed of Japan’s discipline and ‘never give up’ attitude? Well, the credit for that goes to this man. Ascending the throne at a tender age of 14, Emperor Meiji revolutionised Japan’s state on the face of the world and transformed it from an isolated and primitive patch of land to an industrial superpower.

Queen Victoria of England

Queen Victoria of England

Heralding the second golden age of English Empire, Queen Victoria ruled over the United Kingdom for 67 years. During her reign, UK ruled over almost one fourth of the entire earth, making it the largest superpower of 19th century. From Industrial revolution to imperialism and from Science to Literature, her reign was considered to be the pioneer of all-round achievements.

Giving complex to the fiercest of feminists of all time, Queen Victoria made it a strict point to name her ruling era after her name while still being alive and she did it. Her reign is widely known as the Victorian Age in the history of UK.

Asoka of India

Asoka of India (Powerful kings in the world)

A brutal warrior during his initial stages, Asoka conquered almost the entire Indian subcontinent, from present-day Afghanistan in the west to Bangladesh in the East, barring a few southern states. His rule had around 30 million people as his subjects.

While he was on his mission to conquer another powerful dynasty, Kalinga, he witnessed a tremendous amount of bloodshed (This war reportedly resulted around 100,000 deaths and 150,000 deportations!). He accepted Buddhism and peace flourished in his kingdom till the time of his death.

His major influence lies on the religious and administrative fronts. His political strategy encompassed the entire essence of Buddhism and this earned him the status of ‘The Great’ in the hearts of his subjects. Renouncing armed conquest, Asoka adopted a policy, “Conquest by Dharma” for expanding the boundaries of his kingdom. He sent Buddhist missionaries to Sri Lanka and Central Asia and spread the message of peace.

This is for this mighty influence he had on people that his name has been included in this list.

Emperor Taizong of Tang of Chinese Empire

Emperor Taizong of Tang of Chinese Empire

The second emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China, Taizong is considered to be one of the greatest rulers in the entire Chinese History. His era, the Reign of Zhenguan, is regarded as the Golden age of Chinese Empire.

There was a tradition where in the crown princes of China were required to study his life and reign before they can ascend the throne. The solidification of imperial protection over the Chinese land that was brought about by Emperor Taizong, heralded an era of peace and prosperity for more than a century after his death.

Gustav II Adolf of Sweden

Gustav II Adolf of Sweden

Often regarded as one of the greatest military commanders in modern history, this man is the reason behind Sweden turning into a great European superpower and a primary military powerhouse. With his powerful economic and administrative reforms, he became an eternal symbol of Swedish Pride.

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