Top 9 Most Deadliest Snakes in the World – No.#6 is a Deadly Killer!

Most Deadliest Snakes in the World – Since time immemorial, human race have an innate fear of snakes to the extent that we even have a name for it, Ophidiophobia. Is this fear irrational? Not really. But then there are a few myths that need to be busted before we can actually label the fear as absolutely rational.

The first myth is that snakes are poisonous. They aren’t. Poisonous is something we deliberately or unintentionally consume, (like Mr. Bear Grylls of Man vs Wild!) and they release some kind of toxin inside us. That’s poisonous.
Venomous on the other hand is injecting the toxin inside the victim’s body. Snakes are never poisonous (until you eat them!). They are venomous.

The second myth is that every snake is deadly. Nope! While most snakes are harmless, we do have a few snakes whose bite can be lethal. How do we know one from the other? Well, that’s what we are here for! Go ahead with this list of some of the deadliest snakes in the world. Happy Reading!

Most Deadliest Snakes in the World

deadliest snake taipan

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9) Taipan

The second most dangerous and lethal snake in Australia, Taipan’s venom can kill up to 12,000 pigs in a single bite! Its neurotoxic venom can induce paralyse, block the blood vessels and severely affects the nervous system. Taipie is potent enough to kill a human within an hour of its bite.

It has three sub-species, Coastal, Inland and Central Ranges Taipan. Out of which Inland Taipan has a special tag which earned him a separate listing in this list.

Black Mumba deadliest snake

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8) Black Mumba (Deadliest snakes in the world)

Named after the black inside of its mouth, Black Mumba does sound like a high level African Don! It is responsible for most deaths due to snake bites in Africa. Mumba is also the fastest snake in the world. It can chase its victim at 20km/hr. (Usian Bolt of the snake community is among us, people!).

When provoked, it releases up to 400mg of venom in the human body with continuous 10-12 bites in one go. And how much Mumba-venom is enough to kill a human, you ask? Just 1mg. Now you do the Maths of survival chances! The neurotoxic venom eventually results in respiratory failure and cardiovascular collapse leading to death. If the victim is left untreated, the mortality rate is 100%.

The second-longest venomous snake after King Cobra, Mumba is the most feared snake in Africa due to its aggression, size, toxicity and speedy onset of envenomation symptoms (within 10 minutes of bite!)

deadliest snake Philippines Cobra

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7) Philippines Cobra

While most cobras are not that venomous, we have an exception here, Philippines Cobra. The most striking feature of this Cobby is that it doesn’t inject its prey. Instead, it spits on it from a distance (It can even spit from a distance of 3m! Badass Cobby, it won’t even ‘touch’ humans! Such attitude, huh!)

Neurotoxic in nature, its venom directly hits the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Breathing becomes tiresome leading to a heart attack. The victim dies within 30 minutes.

deadliest snake Saw-Scaled Viper

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6) Saw-Scaled Viper (Most deadliest snakes in the world)

Also known as the Little Indian Viper, Saw-Scaled Viper is responsible for the more human deaths than all the snakes in the entire world put together. With a stout body and a pear-shaped head, it looks like the great grand uncle of the snake community! Pioneer of Sidewinding Locomotion, it treads its path sideways unlike most snakes.

Often found in dry savannahs, Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, they feature in this list not because of the potency of their venom but due to their availability in the populated areas. What adds to its lethality is that the rural side of the under-developed and developing countries might not have an easy access to the anti-venin. (Brilliant Uncle Saw! Even with a low lethality score of his venom, he went on to become the deadliest just by operating in the populated areas! Mastermind!)

Within minutes of being bitten by Uncle Saw, inflammation and pain can be felt, followed by haemorrhage, internal bleeding and blood-clotting defects leading to hypovolemic shock. This can even lead to complete kidney failure in the patient. (Deadly Uncle Saw!)

Common Death Adder deadliest snake

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5) Common Death Adder (Deadliest snakes in the world)

Native to Australia and New Guinea, this snaky baby is a champion of Ambush Hunting Technique (One-man-Commando of Snakes!). Generally, it doesn’t directly go after a prey. Rather, it slides under a pile of leaves, twitches itself like a coil, its tail touching the head as a bait and waits and waits and waits in ambush until a prey comes to enquire the coiled stuff. The moment it does, Addie swiftly strikes (Fastest striker among all venomous Australian snakes!) and injects its venom into it. And then, like some badass gansta, it watches it slowly succumbing to its death. Then, regally, it gobbles it down! (Sadist Addie!)

Being highly neurotoxic in nature, its venom is potent enough to cause paralysis and even death. A human bitten by Addie can take up to 6 hours to be an entity of the past. This gives us a lot of time to administer antivenin (Phew!)

Rattle Snake deadliest snake

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4) Rattle Snake (Deadliest snakes in the world)

Found throughout the North and South America, this beautiful (and deadly!) creature rules over the two continents with Arizona as its capital (Arizona is home to 13 different species of Ratties!) This scaly baby doesn’t like mumbo-jumbos of predators at all. The namesake rattle at its tail is a warning sign asking them to stay away (Much like a Kungfu black belt in front of his rivals… Hěn Hǎo!)

It can attack a prey up to 2/3rd of its own height. Aggressive and haughty, the babies of Ratty are more dangerous than the adults. As they grow up, venom reduces relatively. Though not all Ratty’s fatal and can be treated if attended on time, there are some species which are known to be the Death-Bearers. Tiger Rattlesnakes and Mojave Rattlesnakes are extremely toxic. Mojave’s venom is one of the most deadly and debilitating of all Ratties’ venom. Being a lethal combo of both neurotoxicity and hemotoxicity, it destroys the prey’s tissues bit by bit, causing necrosis and disrupting the blood clotting followed by severe paralysis. If antivenin is administered within 10-15 minutes, there can still be a very little chance of survival. Or else, Death is evident. (Devil in Disguise, Ratty!)

Eastern Brown Snake deadliest

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3) Eastern Brown Snake

The second-most venomous terrestrial snakes, Eastern Brown Snakes are like the angry young men of snakes’ community. Highly aggressive and extremely fast, it is reported that it can even outpace a human running in full speed (We have a snaky Tyson Gay here!) Native to Eastern and Central Australia, it is estimated that even a 14,000th part of its venom can easily drag a person into the jaws of death. Even a teeny tiny baby of Browny can break the hell upon you!

If this scaly baby ever feels threatened in someone’s presence, it will make sure to chase the prey till the end of its life and suck the life out of it. Once bitten, the attacked goes into a state of complete black-out. Excruciating pain, numbness and continuous blood loss are some of the other effects. Within mere 5 minutes, the attacked dies of cardiovascular collapse and cardiac arrest.

Okay something interesting here! Browny hunts its prey by movement and smell. It has a special organ called the “Jacobson’s Organ”. It flicks the forked tongue in and out and ‘taste’ the air through that (Literally taking its momma’s words, “I am not going to the kitchen again. If you are that hungry, go feed on air!”). Browy can even dislocate its jaw for swallowing the prey and can stretch its skin so as to pass the ‘meal’ into its tummy. (Badass Browny!)

Inland Taipan deadliest snake

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2) Inland Taipan (Deadliest snakes in the world)

Known to be the most venomous snake on land, this secret agent of Death is code-named as the Fierce Snake because of the fierceness of its hellish venom. Ruling the semi-arid regions of central east Australia, it can kill up to 100 humans just by its one single bite! If left untreated, a person can succumb to death in a mere period of 30-45 minutes. But usually, it will not even touch you until it is gravely provoked (Live and let live, bro!). 10 times more venomous than a Rattle Snake and 50 times that of a Cobra, Taipy is extremely fast, aware and accurate whenever it decides to strike (Baby’s got ‘Unagi’). This scaly baby has realised that survival equates to staying away from humans. It usually avoid coming in contact with civilization. It is because of this seclusion and avoidance, Taipy is called “The Saint Snake”.

Belcher Sea Snake deadliest

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1) Belcher Sea Snake

Also infamous by the name, Faint-banded Sea Snake, this scaly baby is known to be the most venomous snake on the face of the earth. Arguably, the most toxic animal of all, Belcher Sea Snakes are normally found gliding under the tropical reefs in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Thailand, New Guinea, Indonesia and off the coast of the Philippines. It is said that even a few milligrams of its venom is potent enough to kill up to 1000 humans in a go! By the grace of the Fortune Fairy, this snake lives far-far away from the madding crowd of humans. Even after containing venom that is 100 times more deadly than the Indian Taipan, Belchy is not known to bite any human until and unless it is severely provoked. Only a few fishermen who went to the sea have been its prey. (Deadliest and yet exhibiting such noble conduct! I bet the soul of some Buddhist Lama must have re-incarnated as Belchy!)

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